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Xiaomi MOESTAR Dog Leash

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Walk your dog with this Innovative MOESTAR UFO retractable dog leash.

Step into the future of dog walking, featuring an easy grip ring design so you can walk your dog comfortably hands free. The retractable rope is safe, durable and remains tangle free. Walk your dog with confidence at any time of the day and make use of the integrated LED light for visibility, be seen and be safe.





Innovative spacecraft ring appearance


Eye-catching props when walking the dog




Ring force


Balanced comfort


A circular grip that evenly distributes the tension. The wrist is balanced and comfortable.





Wearable grip


Free hands


The wrist can be worn through the grip, giving both hands more freedom.




Lighting system


3m illumination distance, so that there is no blind spot in the night sight.





Double side blue cold light breathing lamp


It is safer to avoid night vehicles and pedestrians.






Safe distance in the palm of your hand


The dog suddenly burst, how to lock it in the first time? In an emergency, no need to think, the rope can be braked.





Nylon + polypropylene mixed braid


The rope has remained strong for a long time. It can withstand up to 60kg static tension and will not curl for a long time.






Super elastic band


The elastic cushioning is more effective in protecting the dog's cervical spine and the owner's wrist.






Just the total length of the rope


Balance the range of pet activities


The length of the 2.6m rope allows the child to enjoy the free activities and to control the owner's emergency.